300 Words – REVIEW – World 1-1

300 Words – REVIEW – World 1-1

300 Words – REVIEW – World 1-1

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An extensive retelling from those that have spent their waking hours in the industry including Nolan Bushnell, Al Alcorn, Dona Bailey, and gaming historian Patrick Scott Patterson, World 1-1 is a documentary about the rise of the video game industry from the inside to its inevitable fall.

There have been quite a few of these documentary style films to come around recent years, but the majority of them speed through the true innovators of video games to get to the flashy first-person shooters we are overwhelmed with today. And there always seems to be a disconnect for those viewers that were born before a time there weren’t such a thing as video games. World 1-1 feels like it was directed and edited by someone who reminders this time and does an amazing job bringing you up to the fold.

Nolan Bushnell and Al Alcorn take such an intimate approach in telling their story that it’s hard not to root for them against the ignorance of big business and dollar signs. Bushnell not only created an entire medium from the ground up, but also reset the conventional business tactics and hired based on charism than a traditional resume. So much in fact that it influenced some of the great minds of our time such as Steve Jobs and Apple Computers.

A fight from all sides, Bushnell found success in a lack of technology and money to create an empire. World 1-1 documents the fascinating passion these pioneers of the industry had to fuel their own futures despite naysayers.

Highly recommended either for download or stream for only 9.99 (USD), World 1-1 will stand the test of time as a light inside the minds that have been apart of many of our lives but at a quiet distance.

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