300 Words – REVIEW – A Mega Man 2 Guitar Tribute

300 Words – REVIEW – A Mega Man 2 Guitar Tribute

300 Words – REVIEW – A Mega Man 2 Guitar Tribute

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Anyone who has been around the gaming community, perhaps even peered inside, knows of the greatness of the Mega Man 2 soundtrack. Mainly composed by Takashi Tateishi, credited as Ogeretsu Kun, the soundtrack has inspired many musicians and developers alike. Some brooding to take the very likeness of while others use as building blocks to reflect their upbringing in new projects.

Some bands try to replicate this sound using actually instruments. The fast pace and complex tones require amazing skill to pull off. But like any homage to a particular style of music, hearing the same songs over and over again becomes boring to any fan.

“A Mega Man 2 Guitar Tribute” by Mega Beardo dares to do something different. Rather than take those note for note and bridge them over electric strings, Mega Beardo allows the song to build upon itself. Other than just slamming into the familiar, the rhythm and beats become the introduction which will later become the song that we know it as. It takes an artist with the love of a song and the mastery to make it become a reality. Mega Beardo has done just that.

Each song always brings you back to a form of the original, but the journey there is often crossed and wild. Each beat hits on point while tracks like Bubble Man invites the sense of a calm underwater escape.

The metal is here for those looking for it. The subtle tones of something new and awesome invite you to listen in. There is a story being told through the music, each track melding into another making one overarching piece rather than track to track.

Suffice to say, the entire album is impressive, moving, and would be a welcome to fan edits and homebrews looking for a superior soundtrack.

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