The Rise of Amondus – 300 Words – REVIEW

The Rise of Amondus – 300 Words – REVIEW

The Rise of Amondus – 300 Words – REVIEW

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Believe it or not, the Nintendo Entertainment System is alive and well in the hearts of those who relentlessly mull over assembly code, creating new adventures for hardware that’s 30 years old. One of these is the latest from Sly Dog Studios, the Rise of Amondus, which is the next entry in their Candelabra series. A story of prophecies, betrayals, the death of the first-born, and the growth of an army. Take control of Amondus, Rant, and Charwit to cast the Forbidden spell and make your way through Primwoods.

The Rise of Amondus is a horizontal shooter that includes a unique collectable gameplay mechanic. You’ll dodge danger while controlling a reticle on screen that calls Rant to pick up goblins to add to your army. Your whereabouts on the screen determines your projectile’s trajectory. Being in the center will shoot a four-way shot hitting anything in its path.

Consisting of four levels, you’ll be tasked to collect a certain number of goblins per level. After doing so, you will challenge the champion of the level at the end. If you make it without the right amount of goblins, you’ll be forced back to the beginning. Luckily you do have unlimited continues which you’ll use many of.

Controls have a learning curve with moving the reticle while dodging danger and avoiding the Forbidden Spell that one-hit kills everything. Four levels may not seem like much, but they are hard as nails making the completion of them that much more rewarding.

The soundtrack also has a very common theme that easily gets stuck in your head as you battle that’s a delight as well as is the in-game manual.

Fun, yet can be extremely frustrating, the Rise of Amondus demands your attention and quick reflexes if you plan on leaving Primwoods alive.

Release date: 2015

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