1 More Castle – 300 Words – IMPRESSION

1 More Castle – 300 Words – IMPRESSION

1 More Castle – 300 Words – IMPRESSION

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After almost three years of retro gaming articles, interviews, podcasts, and insights, 1 More Castle will officially close their doors on July 31st, 2015. With it comes sadness, support, and a bright future for the many that contributed.

I was originally attracted to 1 More Castle from the wealth of knowledge and the “friend’s basement” feel I got while surfing around. Journalism in video games today, whether they be new or old, can come with a hefty amount of negativity, sexism, and trolling. Your friend’s basement was always a safe haven to sit around and talk about the fun that can be had with video games. The life changing experiences we discovered while in play and the lessons we learned that we will pass down to others. It was a place to relax, to find help, to debate, and to share a laugh with. It was 1 More Castle.

My past few years with the group have seen friendships grow strong from acquaintances, my first live recording, and a chance to hold a panel to discuss the one thing I most connect with: video games. 1 More Castle gave me the insight that I had something to offer to a community that I was never an active participant in before. It led me down the path less traveled to journey outside my normal life and into the realm of possibilities. It allowed me to showcase my talents and nurtured me on a road for real expectations.

I made good friends. I have stories to tell that would have never happened had it not been for 1 More Castle. Not once did I ever feel unwanted, used, or abandoned. And I did my best to fulfill those values to everyone who came.

But for now, my princess is in another castle.