Mastering the Game – 300 Words – REVIEW

Mastering the Game – 300 Words – REVIEW

Mastering the Game – 300 Words – REVIEW

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Searching the bookshelves at your local library will find many titles dedicated to bettering your life and your workplace. On the opposite side, a much smaller section, is a section of books based on video games. Never the two shall meet. And how could they? Mastering the Game: What Video Games Can Teach Us About Success in Life bridges that gap by showing how video games have transferable skills into the real world through a process author Jon D. Harrison notates as allegamy.

Team work, communication, time management, multitasking, problem solving; these are just a few of the skills that will propel you in the workplace. Honing these skills typically come from workshops, panels, on-site training, or boring videos on YouTube. But video games, although not in a direct manner of thinking, teach and train these important skills just by playing through a dungeon in the Legend of Zelda or an online match in Halo 3. Harrison points to popular games millions have played and shows that what you learn in a tutorial of your favorite shooter does transfer outside of video games. Harrison sites many games that on the surface look like a simple waste of time yet demonstrate core values and award for successful ventures.

Harrison also shows how games like Journey for the PS3 sets the stage for selecting your own path in life by presenting short term and long term goals and rewarding you for a job well done. That it’s OK to be confused or lost but know that there are signs or items you can pick up to get yourself make on track for your own happiness.

Mastering the Game is a quick read with eye opening accounts and packed full of awe inspiring connections found in those dusty cartridges sitting on your shelf.

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Print Length: 256 pages
Publication Date: March 28, 2015
Language: English

Mastering the Game by Jon D. Harrison