Haunted House – #radio

Haunted House – #radio

Haunted House – #radio

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It’s Halloween! Well, it’s October, but it’s a very important month for me. It reminds me of games that I’ve played for the first time. Indie games that brought me into the community.

You never know who’s going to play your game, regardless of how big or small the game may be. It may be the first indie game that someone plays. Why not make it the best one you can?

Black Annex – Game created entirely in QBasic, set to be released on Steam in the coming future.

Download and play Haunted House

You can play Gorillas for QBasic online!

More fun QBasic games to play!

Video of someone playing Drug Wars

If you’re interested in QBasic, here is a version for modern PCs and Mac – https://www.qb64.org/

Title track –  Friday the 13th “Panic at Camp Crystal” By Ghetto Lee Lewis

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