Photo by Alex Weiss. At Indy Pop Con 2014. Panel entitled "I Want to Play Your Indie Game"

Photo by Alex Weiss. 

Born and raised in the Greater Cincinnati area, Eric M Hunter is an indie game reviewer, retro gamer, podcaster on many topics chief being the video game industry, and a video game consultant for indie developers.

With decades of experience evaluating, playing, and discussing the video game market, Eric has seen the nature of the industry and the type of impact that video games can have on the world.

Today, Eric joins others to discuss retro gaming, indie community, and reviews indie games from the mindset of a console gamer. This gives an insight to the developers and players of what a large portion of the gaming community is missing out on due to unrecognizable developer names and publishers.

Take a look at his body of work and join the discussion to the one true passion that Eric celebrates: video games.