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Sometimes, people think you are cool enough to ask you to join their own podcast as a special guest. Below you will those that I was honored enough to be apart of something bigger than myself. I urge you to check out these content creators and show your appreciation to them.

The Time for Indie Games is Now

Eric Hunter remembers the first time he played an “indie” game, though he didn’t necessarily realize it at the time.

“I still remember the days of telling people about, what was at the time, super small games like Blood or Chip’s Challenge,” Hunter recalled. “I remember reading the credits for games like them and there was only five names. Five names! How do five people make a game?!”

#147 – Gooey’s Got It

Alright! The Jig’s up. Last year, we conquered 1 More Castle and imposed our communist will. So we thought we’d return the favor. To be blunt, I think we all miss the 1 More Podcastle anyway. This is probably why this episode was the greatest thing and, at the same time, very emotional for a lot of people. But April’s Fools is to be celebrated so let’s not dwell on the past too much and appreciate what it brought to all of us!

Rocket Pants Podcast – e2 The Eric M Hunter Cast

Hosting this episode: Alex

Guest this week: Mode B – With Eric M Hunter!

Block 1:

  • What have you been playing?
    • Hunter – Shovel Knight (PC) , Final Fight (SNES)
    • Chris- Gunstar Heroes (Genesis – Steam classic collection),  Rocket League (PC)
    • Jon- Bomberman Tournament (GBA), Pokemon Blue (Game Boy)
    • Alex- SteamWorld Dig (Wii U – eshop), Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Crossroads of Time (SNES)