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Sometimes, people think you are cool enough to ask you to join their own podcast as a special guest. Below you will those that I was honored enough to be apart of something bigger than myself. I urge you to check out these content creators and show your appreciation to them.

Rocket Pants Podcast – e2 The Eric M Hunter Cast

Hosting this episode: Alex

Guest this week: Mode B – With Eric M Hunter!

Block 1:

  • What have you been playing?
    • Hunter – Shovel Knight (PC) , Final Fight (SNES)
    • Chris- Gunstar Heroes (Genesis – Steam classic collection),  Rocket League (PC)
    • Jon- Bomberman Tournament (GBA), Pokemon Blue (Game Boy)
    • Alex- SteamWorld Dig (Wii U – eshop), Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Crossroads of Time (SNES)