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I Am Eric M is on a mission to unite those console gamers with the beauty that is indie gaming. By using parallels to AAA titles, I Am Eric M is designed to muddle through the fog and connect those to their favorite titles by using common game play mechanics, themes and plot structure to make a purchase with an unknown developer a little easier.

Cave Story+ – Indie Game Review

Cave Story+ is an adventure platformer with a massive world that harkens the likes of Super Metroid with fast paced, bullet shooting action like Megaman. What can only harness the true sense of an indie game, developed by one man over five years of weekends, Cave Story+ has a beautiful design, well written plot and character development, that has a way of holding on when you feel like you want to stop. A great title for anyone who’s looking for a challenge in a charming, yet strange world.

Virus Master – Freeware Game Review

Virus Master is a quick, free to download side scrolling shmup that is synced to metal music by the band Last Chance to Reason. So closely paired is the music that every beat, enemy engagement, and boss battle hits to the changes in the music. So well done, yet extremely short bringing your gameplay to only about five minutes to beat, Virus Master is an impressive display of what can be achieved if you take a music track and build a game rather than the other way around. Plus metal is awesome so there’s that.

Thor: Bring the Thunder – Browser Game Review

Thor: Bring the Thunder is a short, browser action platformer that will fill a small void for any fan of superhero games. Take back Asgard from the evil minions in a pursuit to save the fair Jane Foster. Giant sprites get overshadowed by simplistic level design and one single music track that repeats over and over. A quick break for those looking to mindlessly beat things up for a few minutes, Thor: Bring the Thunder is enough for a single play through that may not have you coming back to try again. But it’s free and I love the Avengers so who am I to judge?

BattleBlock Theater – Indie Game Review

BattleBlock Theater is a wacky puzzle platformer that’ll have you smiling as you traverse through multiple levels, collecting gems, golden balls of yarn, all in an effort to save your fellow shipwrecked survivors and appease the audience. Well written, both the storyline and the backhanded announcer, BattleBlock Theater makes what a platformer should feel and smell like.

Regeria Hope: Dead Drunk – Freeware Game Review

Regeria Hope is a free adventure legal drama video game taking the styling of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney onto the indie gaming sphere. Follow a case of murder, betrayal, and a once beautiful wedding turned deadly as Regeria Hope pulls together evidence and witness accounts to find her defendant innocent. Only a single episode running about an hour of game time, developer Golden Game Barn is committed to continue where Phoneix Wright left off with more interesting crime dramas and gameplay mechanics.