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I Am Eric M is on a mission to unite those console gamers with the beauty that is indie gaming. By using parallels to AAA titles, I Am Eric M is designed to muddle through the fog and connect those to their favorite titles by using common game play mechanics, themes and plot structure to make a purchase with an unknown developer a little easier.

Hotline Miami – Indie Game Review

The game was hyped up for me by a few friends, but it fell short. The wanky controls, zero replay value, and repetitive game play were just too much for me to overcome the amazing soundtrack and surreal storytelling. I purchased the game through Steam for 10 bucks. A bit too much for a game that I’ll probably never play again. I can’t iterate this enough though… buy the soundtrack.

Spike: A Love Story – Browser Game Review

Spike: a Love Story is a fun, short game that I would recommend playing if you have some downtime to kill. The story angle of playing as the easily forgettable antagonist than the hero in any plat former from days past is a nice venture from the norm. A true test of the reflexes makes Spike: a Love Story an entertaining browser game that deserves your attention albeit short.

Mark of the Ninja – Indie Game Review

I would recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of the older Metal Gear Solid games (PS1 or PS2), ninja games like The Last Ninja (NES), Wrath of the Black Manta (NES), or Ninja Gaiden (NES). I actually got a through of Rush ‘N Attack (NES) from playing Mark of the Ninja as well. Both games have a similar feel in terms of progressing through the game.