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One Shot | Pine | Drunk Fu (Indie Game Riot – Ep. 121 Feat. Eric M. Hunter)

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This episode of The Indie Game Riot Podcast we talk about:
– Indie Revolution Expo 2017 (0:15:47)
– Interview with Eric M. Hunter (0:16:25)
– One Shot (0:49:59)
– Pine (1:00:35)
– Drunk Fu (1:11:23)

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What Pisses Me Off – #radio

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What follows is from an interview I did with Indie Game Riot. We discuss the worst practices that we’ve encountered with indie developers. Play close attention: this is what NOT to do.

I feel like this information is greatly important so if you know someone who would benefit from hearing it, give the the link.

Featured music is by #lamonte “Shawdy (With Me) [Prod. Lxrd Breezy]

Xbox Refunds – When All Else Fails

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Refunds, refunds, refunds. The one word that will make any respectable indie developer go running for those soft and cozy bed covers. But fear not, young learner of indie games, because this is actually a good thing. A sheep in wolves clothing, if you will. A nice warm glass of milk before bedtime. A soft kiss to the forehead from mother. This is the world changing and the sound of you adapting.

Mighty No 9 – When All Else Fails

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The true Kickstarter spiritual successor to Mega Man has finally been released (well at the time of this recording anyway) and what follows is a heart to heart, the walk of my thought process of the game, its developers, and the indie game platform of Kickstarter.

Music: “Mega Man 2 – Dr. Wily Symphonic” by Blue.Nocturne

If you’d like to participate in the show either by question, insight, story, or music contribution, shoot me an email at eric at i am eric m dot com or DM me on Twitter @erichunter.

That DM game is on point.