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Episode 5 – Another Mod?!

Jason forgot to bring a REAL GAME this week again, and instead brought another mod to contend against the honest and true games that the Erics brought. The trio also discuss whether a perfect video game could exist, and in an unforeseeable twist of fate, they come to no clear consensus. Tell us what you think in the comments!

Episode 4 – Is That Even a Game?

Is it a game? Is it a mod? Is it a taco? The 1 More Podcastle trio cut up this question for the ages into bite size, sushi-style chunks of wisdom for your auditory consumption. We don’t guarantee that the question actually gets answered, but to distract you from that there is a good bit of discussion earlier about how important music is in retro gaming. Have an opinion on retro game music or what constitutes a “game”? Let us know in the comments!