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Reel 90 is a podcast with hosts Eric M Hunter, Ricky Glore and Nick Prince who take to the silver screen of the 1990s and review movies, make funny jokes and discuss if they still hold up. Released bi-monthly, each host takes a stab at requesting a movie to talk about it and try to find the true nature of the director’s intentions… or just make fun of it.

Episode 19 – Swimming With Sharks

When you’re swimming and you see a shark, you don’t have to be faster than the shark, you just gotta swim faster than the person you’re swimming with.

Without Kevin Spacey in this movie, there is no movie. Spacey gives a tour de force performance in this film, and even though he is an incredibly unlikeable character, you start liking him because of how bad and whiney everyone else is in the film.

Episode 18 – Cube

Did I sell it too hard just then? I’m sorry…we at REEL90 are just “reel” excited (see what I did there with the “reel”?) about our crossover episode with pals, and bad movie enthusiasts, DIMENSION B!
We sit back and discuss the low budget 90’s classic CUBE.
We all agree that this movie be top notch yo!