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Reel 90 is a podcast with hosts Eric M Hunter, Ricky Glore and Nick Prince who take to the silver screen of the 1990s and review movies, make funny jokes and discuss if they still hold up. Released bi-monthly, each host takes a stab at requesting a movie to talk about it and try to find the true nature of the director’s intentions… or just make fun of it.

Episode 16 – Candyman

“Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew
Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two
The Candy Man, oh the Candy Man can
The Candy Man can ’cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good.”

I love that they finally made a wholesome family film based off that lovable Sammy Davis Jr. song!….

Wait…, what? Okay, I’m being told that this movie is not what I mentioned above, but is in fact from a sick and twisted story that Clive Baker (of Hellraiser fame) wrote.

Hmmm…I guess I shouldn’t have just popped this dvd in, left the room, and let those kids I was babysitting, watch it…

Episode 15 – The Super

“Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, because this movie is burglarin’ everyone’s turds up in here!”
There aren’t many more bad things we can say about the movie, The Super, that aren’t already said in this episode.
It’s no wonder that after this movie, Hollywood decided not to give Joe Pesci main solo starring vehicles. We’re not saying that Pesci is a bad actor, but he works better in a supporting character role, rather than the center of a whole movie.

Episode 14 – the Long Kiss Goodnight

So this week’s movie is about a secret agent who has lost their memory, and is living a normal life until the bad guys come back to kill’em.

Nope, not one of the Bourne movies! It’s a little known action movie from the mid 90′s, written by Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Lethal Weapon 1&2, and Iron Man 3).
This action gem has all the great qualities of a Lethal Weapon or Die Hard movie, except a good ending.

Episode 12 – Johnny Mnemonic

Welcome to a future where humans can be walking flash drives!
That’s right! In this 1995 ACTION/SCIFI film, Johnny Mattdamon…I mean, Johnny Marshmellow…crap…Johnny Mnoma nah…
In THIS MOVIE, the future has become a dark greedy place, where corporations will do what they can to induce profit margins. Hmmm…the future you say?
We all agree that this is just a dumb, fun action flick that has a little bit too much goin’ on in it, but love the fact that we can say that a character like Cyborg Jesus (played by Dolph Lundgren) exists.
So sit back and enjoy our episode where we discuss Johnny Menards…shit!
PS. Also in this episode, we play the interview clip from Kevin Eastman (co creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) where he tells us about where the Turtles get their money!!!