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My List for the 30 SNES Mini titles + a Wager

In case you haven’t heard by now, the rumor mill is going a little crazy after Eurogamer announced Nintendo might be in the works of releasing a SNES Mini Classic much like they did with their original entertainment system this past winter.

With such rumors run the media outlets to speculation of what the game line up would be and this gamer as well. But this time, rather than just throwing a list of games together and moving on, there shall be a fire fight! A small competition with fellow blogger, podcaster, and video game enthusiast Jared Waldo. Each of us would slap together a list of 30 possible titles that may or may not appear on the rumored SNES Mini and the person with the most correct answers wins. What do they win? We haven’t decided yet. On with the list!
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The Time for Indie Games is Now

Eric Hunter remembers the first time he played an “indie” game, though he didn’t necessarily realize it at the time.

“I still remember the days of telling people about, what was at the time, super small games like Blood or Chip’s Challenge,” Hunter recalled. “I remember reading the credits for games like them and there was only five names. Five names! How do five people make a game?!”

Skelemania – Freeware Game Review

Skelemania is the embodiment of what is described as a “Metroid” style game. An entire map to uncover piece by piece, discovering new abilities that require you to backtrack to previous areas to unlock new parts of an insanely large map. This is 2D platforming at the height of its popularity and Skelemania has it. Secrets galore, puzzling statements from skittish frogs, and unraveling the story that brought it all together, Skelemania should be on the top of anyone’s playlist.

Starbreak – Browser Game Review

Starbreak is an MMO 2D action platformer that provides fun environments to explore and enemies to combat. A strong willed 16-bit feel, Starbreak takes a different look on the RPG aspects with no traditional leveling system. Select from four different players to match your playset, Starbreak does have what it takes to be a fun game. Not having a group of friends to play with may leave you stranded in the back with little to do or loot to collect.

Factotum – 300 Words – REVIEW

300words review-banner

Disaster has struck. Upon coming to an asteroid belt, your spaceship is hit and life support is down. Oxygen is rapidly depleting and all you have are two quadrupedal deck robots controlled by old tech through the view of security cameras.

Factotum is a 3D puzzle game released for the Wii U by TACS Games. Traveling through 30 different levels, you’ll race time discovering what happened in the aftermath of the crash and stumble upon the real goings on within the ship in the pursuit to call for help.

You’re not alone. Luckily another has been spared from the collision and is able to help you along the way to regaining control over your space ship. He’ll communicate to you straight through the speaker on your Wii U gamepad giving you instructions and suggestions to get both deck robots to the freight elevators.

The entire game is dressed in a green color scheme that brings back memories of an Apple II computer. At first, the green completes the motif of your environment, but quickly becomes an eye strain. I found myself occasionally glancing at the wired rustic frame around the screen just to give my eyes a break.

The indie game sphere is no foreigner to puzzle games but with the introduction of the Wii U gamepad, the second screen gaming experience has baffled many developers including Nintendo themselves. TACS Games creates a great atmosphere that fulfills the prophecy of sitting in front of an old school console controlling these robots to perform a series of tasks to get them both to the elevator. Switching between the bots or collecting a box or two, clicking on the touchscreen is satisfying and a good sense of control.

Puzzle fans will find a lot here to play with for just $10 USD.