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Putting your personal email address out of the internet braves strange results. Especially if that email is tied to an indie game review site. You get to meet a whole mess of interesting individuals from all parts of the country. I’ve spoken to developers out of different parts of the US and Canada, India, Brazil, Russia, and China. All of them seem nice enough on the surface requesting you to play through their game, give them a rating, or stream it on Youtube. Only problem is the game isn’t out yet and it’s still in the beta stage.

Pitfalls to Somewhere

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With Nintendo’s success with their mascot Mario, many companies followed suit trying to find that one creature that would separate them from the rest of the pact. Sega went through many before settling on the blue blur of Sonic the Hedgehog. Some of these include: Alex Kidd, Vectorman, Ristar, Greendog. Many of them were in some great games but for whatever reason, their character didn’t take off. One of those mascots was known simply as Wonderboy.

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This Game Makes Me Hate Myself

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I hate Playstation 4’s Bloodborne by FromSoftware. I hate it. I really do. When I was looking at joining the current console generation, I always look to what games are exclusive to the platform because that’s what really separates the two for me. Being a big fan of Nintendo, where basically every game is exclusive to its platform, and a powerful gaming PC, it almost seems pointless to own any current generation console with the exception of convenience of playing on a large TV or for exclusives. I came close to the Xbox One mainly for the tug at my retro gaming heartstrings with Rare’s release of Rare Replay. A single disc 30 game collection of classic games from Rare’s past including Banjo-Kazooie, Battletoads, Blast Corps, and Perfect Dark. It was a close call. But ultimately what pulled me to the PS4 was Bloodborne.

No, Not You

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For a short while, I considered myself an “indie game reviewer”. Over at the now dying I Am Eric M, I was working diligently reviewing indie games in an honest fashion. I focused more on the game mechanics, story, and development rather than giving rankings or stars. I felt like this gave people a more clear idea of what the game was about and left it to the reader to decide if it might be a good game for them.

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Greenlight? More Like Red Light

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Valve, the creators of Half Life, Left for Dead, and DOTA 2, have announced that their Steam Greenlight voting service is effectively going away. In its place will be a “pay for admission” style of entry if you are wanting to put your game on their service called Steam Direct. The fee has yet to be determined by Valve. What this means is, rather than requiring the community to “vote” to have a game released on Steam, the developer will simply pay a fee to get their game on the Steam Marketplace.

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